cruelty free makeup

Why we choose to be cruelty-free

When we were developing Araceli Beauty's products, we made it our mission to say "no" to the cruel treatment of animals. We LOVE animals, are environmentally conscious, and think there is a growing awareness with consumers to be kind to animals. Not to mention, Araceli's Madre would KILL her if her products weren't cruelty-free! 😊 

Let's be real; most people don't think twice about where their beauty products come from. The rising animal rights movement values alternatives to testing cosmetics on animals and has influenced a rise in cruelty-free beauty brands. While many widely popular brands are still not cruelty-free, Araceli Beauty makes being cruelty-free our number one priority. Here are just a few reasons you should step away from such brands and value the cruelty-free movement.

FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS - Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary. Another species should not have to suffer for humans to enjoy the beauty products we love. Not to mention, testing products on animals does not guarantee any benefits. Animals do not get the same diseases as humans; therefore, animal testing does not indicate that a product is entirely safe for human use. The disadvantages of testing on animals outweigh any possible benefits that we might gain. We do not need to subject animals to cruel practices to prove that our products are safe and beneficial for your skin! We use alternative testing methods and natural ingredients in our products that are better for the animals and YOU. By purchasing cruelty-free, you can protect the well-being of animals and look after your well-being at the same time.  

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFIT  - Little known fact – testing beauty products on animals negatively impacts the environment. Millions of animals are bred, tested on, and disposed of to produce some of the market's cosmetics. Animal testing facilities produce significant amounts of waste that is often hazardous and damaging to the environment. Araceli Beauty incorporates ingredients that are natural and nourishing to your skin. You can enjoy the beauty products you love without harming innocent creatures and our planet. 

YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU  - If your skin is sensitive to chemical products, cruelty-free products will likely be gentler on your skin. Therefore, testing harsher products on animals is unnecessary for quality skincare.

The truth is that animal testing is painful and unnecessary. By supporting brands like Araceli Beauty that don't test on animals, you can encourage the companies that strive to make a real difference. It's better for you and better for the animals! Check out this blog , for more reasons why you should consider choosing cruelty-free beauty products!