How To Apply False Lashes

How To Apply False Lashes


Hola Familia! My name is Araceli, better known as Cely, and I am the owner and founder of Araceli Beauty! Today I want to tell you guys about how I apply my lashes. This has been one of the most requested tutorials! I know many of you know how to apply false lashes, but some still struggle with it! I will show you guys my tips and tricks and things I found that made it easier for me to apply lashes. 

The first thing I do is grab my precision duo. (This must-have kit features tweezers and scissors!) I open up the lash box and gently remove them with my tweezers. I grab a hand-held mirror and place the lash right on top of my lash line. I'm trying to measure the lash so it measures three-quarters of my eye, leaving the inner corner alone. You do not want any lash in this area because if you were to apply the lash any closer to here, it would poke your eye. Next, you're going to trim that little corner with my scissors, and then I'm going to trim the outer corner. PRO TIP: Make sure you put mascara on your natural lashes BEFORE you apply the false lashes. This increases the longevity of your false lashes. 

Precision Duo


Take your lash glue and apply a thin strip to the lash band. You must wait about 45 seconds to allow the glue on the lash line to get tacky. You want the lash glue to be tacky because it will adhere without sliding around when it's too wet and runny! PRO TIP: Do not blow on your lash because you don't want saliva, bacteria or anything to end up on your lash.


Lash Glue


Look at your mirror straight ahead and tilt your head so you are looking down. Next, grab your lashes with your tweezers and push them into your lash line, making sure the false lashes align with the outer corner of your natural lashes. Because the glue is tacky, the lashes are really easy to apply!


Apply Lashes


I also like to make sure my lashes look natural and blend seamlessly with my eye look. I use our Ojos Perfectos Gel Pencil Eyeliner on the little part of my eye where we didn't apply lashes. This makes sure that the lash blends in. This  eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting, so it will keep my lashes looking good all day long! i think those simple little tricks will allow you guys to put on your lashes super fast! 


Ojos Perfectos