Amplify Your Look With Colorful Eyeliners

Amplify Your Look With Colorful Eyeliners

By Elise Sanchez, Araceli's Social Media Manager 

I will admit, I used to be skeptical about buying colorful eyeliner. I thought, “When will I actually use this color?”, “Can I pull this off” or “Will it be too much?”. If these thoughts have gone through your head, too, keep reading. I’m about to tell you why I LOVE colorful eyeliners and how I overcame my hesitancy towards them. 

Accessorize With Colored Eyeliner

Reframe the way you think about a colorful liner. Think of it as an accessory! We use jewelry, purses, hats, etc., as accessories, so why can’t a liner be an accessory as well? Eyeliner is such an easy way to emphasize colors you are already wearing. For instance, If you are wearing an outfit with hints of blue, accentuate the blue with the Turquoise Gel Eyeliner

Colorful Eyeliner

Simply Your Makeup Routine

Another reason why I love using colored liners is because colorful eyeliners can simplify your makeup routine. If you’re in a rush but still want to make a statement with your eye makeup - use a bold, colorful eyeliner. Run the liner along your upper lash line or make a simple wing. You don’t even need to add eyeshadow - you can just use eyeliner. If you want to opt for a more dramatic look, add eyeliner on your lower lash line too. 

Tip: For easier application and a cleaner look, use our Chiquita Detail Brush. Just apply the liner directly to the brush and run it along your lower lash line. To get your desired pigmentation, you can reapply as many times as needed. 

Olive Green Eyeliner - Obsessed!

The Olive Gel Eyeliner has become my newest obsession this Fall. When I wear the Olive Green Eyeliner, I apply it on my upper and lower lash liner, and then I blend out my upper and lower liners to create a wing. This look is so simple and guaranteed to get you compliments. My girlfriends are obsessed with my Olive Green Eyeliner and always come over to borrow mine now. 

Neutral Liner

Feeling Bold?

If you’re like me, you love to wear lots of neutral colors. Colorful eyeliners are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your look! You don’t need to plan out an elaborate look. You can simply wear all black and add a colorful liner. When I am going for a subtle look, I use eyeliners with pink and purple tones. The Rose Gold, Sangria, and Vino Gel Eyeliners are gorgeous pink-toned shades. When I am going for a bolder look, I love to use our Turquoise Gel Eyeliner or Blue Liquid Liner. I used the Turquoise Gel Liner one time, and I got asked if I was Kim Kardashian while out. So if you use the Turquoise Gel Eyeliner, you are guaranteed to look like a Kardashian (I’m kidding, but the liner does make a statement). 

Turquoise Eyeliner

I hope after reading this, you feel less hesitant about colorful eyeliners and are willing to experiment with them. If you are new to colorful eyeliners, I recommend using more neutral gel colors such as Cinnamon, Chocolate, Rose Gold, and Olive Green. If you feel a little bolder, try the Yellow and Blue Liquid liners or the Vino or Turquoise Gel Eyeliners. Remember, colorful eyeliners don’t have to be scary; just think of them as accessories- makeup is supposed to be fun!