Natural Lash Collection

Natural Lash Collection

Hola familia! I am so excited to share with you today the brand new
Natural Lash Collection we have been working on for the last couple
of months. I am so excited that they're finally here!

The Natural Lash Collection features four brand new natural lashes to the Araceli family. These lashes are all very natural, wearable, small eye- friendly, glasses-friendly, and beginner-friendly. They are also vegan and cruelty-free!

We have Tijuana, Tulum, Acapulco, and Monterrey. I love our brand new packaging! We made the lash box a little bit slimmer and a little bit less bulky. We also changed the design, so now they're all black with a beautiful embroidery design. The design is inspired by Mexican embroidery. (My mom knows how to embroider, and it is something I grew up with!)

The packaging is still all black with a transfer in the light of the design.
We also changed the trays inside to a matte white tray, so the lashes are easier to see.
Tulum Lash
Tulum is a very light lash. If you love Cabo, you are going to LOVE Tulum! Tulum is slightly shorter and not as full as Cabo but in a similar style. Tulum is tapered, meaning it goes from short in the inner corner to long in the outer corner. It is short to medium length and medium fullness. Tulum is beautiful and very natural! I would wear this lash without any makeup on and it just gives you like that lash extension type of feel.
 Tulum Tulum Lash
Acapulco Lash
Acapulco is the longest and fullest of the four new lashes. It is also
slightly tapered, so it does go short to long on the outer corner. I love this lash! It is super super wispy. I would wear this with a full face of makeup on a night out. Acapulco is definitely the heaviest and longest out of the four new lashes but still very natural.
 Acapulco Acapulco Lash

Monterrey Lash
Monterrey is the shortest out of all the new lashes. It is a full, tapered lash so it goes from short to long. It is short in length, but full-volume. I feel like they wear very well on big eyes like mine, but if you have smaller eyes, these will also be the perfect lash for you! Monterrey is great for a night out or to wear with glasses.
 Monterrey Monterrey Lash

Tijuana Lash
Tijuana lashes are so beautiful. They are medium length and rounded.
What I mean by "rounded" is that they're the same length throughout
but slightly tapered in the inner corner. Tijuana is the lightest of all the lashes, with light volume and a short-medium length. I would wear Tijuana with no makeup and it would look like a very light lash extension. If you are a beginner to lashes, this is going to be a perfect lash for you!
 Tijuana Tijuana Lash
These are our four brand new lash styles, and I'm sure you are going to love them! I know it can be challenging to find a natural lash because sometimes they can be too dramatic or too long, especially if you're a beginner. If you've never worn lashes or if you wear glasses, you are going to love these! The cotton band is super comfortable and thin. Tulum, Acapulco, Monterrey, and Tijuana are just such beautiful lashes. I hope you love these lashes as much as I do!