Hecho En Mexico: Araceli Beauty's Mexican Roots

Hecho En Mexico: Araceli Beauty's Mexican Roots

Hecho En Mexico: Araceli Beauty's Mexican Roots

Hola Familia, my name is Araceli "Cely" Ledesma, and I am the founder of Araceli Beauty. I was born in Teocaltiche, Jalisco, Mexico. When I was just five years old, my parents moved my five sisters, brother, and me to Valencia, California, for a better life.  

Growing up, I was always interested in makeup. My earliest makeup memory was from elementary school when an amiga gifted me a small lipstick that I wore on my bus ride home. My madre accepted and supported my passion for makeup, as did my incredibly patient sisters, who were always willing to be a test canvas for the self-taught beautician of the house (Fun Fact: My sisters are the inspiration behind Araceli Beauty lashes!) Although my mom did not like her daughter wearing lipstick at such a young age, with time, she saw that makeup was an inevitable part of my life. 

In high school, I attended an occupational program for cosmetology. In addition to a full class load and a part-time job, I spent every free hour after school and on weekends perfecting my craft. 

I have worked in the beauty industry for more than ten years as a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist. 


While working in a salon in Los Angeles, I noticed many people were confused about how to use makeup - that's what sparked my dream of creating my own brand. As a makeup artist AND consumer, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted Araceli Beauty to represent:

  • Easy-to-use, premium beauty products at affordable prices - because everyone deserves quality.
  • An American brand that embraces Mexican culture instead of shying away from it.
  • Formulas that include regionally sourced ingredients from Mexico

Araceli Beauty's mission is to provide tools and premium beauty products at affordable prices, so anyone can create a beautiful makeup look at home. 



When I began developing Araceli Beauty products, it was essential to pay homage to my birthplace, Jalisco, Mexico. 

Jalisco is the largest tequila producer in the world, and I thought it was necessary to tap into that when creating Araceli Beauty. We pour a little piece of Mexico into all of our products, from our packaging design to our formulas. For example, Araceli Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes, Tequila Highlighters, and Las Flores Blushes include tequila leaf extract from the agave plant.

Araceli Beauty is a very cultural brand, and I love to say, "it's like tequila!" Tequila comes from Jalisco, Mexico, and it's made for everyone to enjoy! So like tequila, Araceli Beauty is made for everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from.

Araceli Beauty products feature locally sourced ingredients from Jalisco - like agave, prickly pear and cactus oil - and are grounded in simplicity. 



I am forever grateful for my parents' sacrifices by moving our familia to the United States. Since I was born in Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, I identify with both cultures! It is important that Araceli Beauty products are made in Mexico and Los Angeles to stay true to my heritage. 

I am proud that Araceli Beauty's BEBE Brow Pencil and Lipliners are all made in Mexico (with more in development!). Our new products will also feature regionally sourced ingredients from Mexico, like Mamey, Nopal and Prickly Pare Cactus 

Could we manufacture our products elsewhere? Yes. Does it cost us more dinero to produce our products in Mexico and LA vs. China? Also, Yes. Since 2018, we've produced Araceli Beauty products in Mexico and LA because these locations geographically mean something to our brand, and to me. I'm proud that Araceli Beauty can create jobs in these areas while maintaining superior product quality.