Better Brows, Bebé

Better Brows, Bebé

Lashes, highlighter, blush, and a fierce lip are all essential pieces of your beauty routine, but perhaps the most critical element is a well-shaped brow. In our latest Araceli Beauty blog, we dive into why groomed, beautiful eyebrows are such a powerful way to amplify your look. Keep reading to learn how to get better brows.

Grow Them Out
The ’90s called; they want their pencil-thin eyebrows back! Gone are the days of over-tweezed eyebrows, today’s brow trend is full, natural, defined brows. If you’ve accidentally over-plucked your brows (we’ve all been there!), consider giving your tweezers a break for a few months. After your brows have grown out, it’s time for the fun part – grooming and shaping!


Eyebrows are an important feature of your face. When shaped in proportion to your facial structure, they can dramatically enhance your natural beauty and add balance to flatter your features. To unlock your perfect brow shape, consider following the golden ratio!

Golden Ratio

Get to Groomin'
Once you’ve discovered your perfect brow shape using the golden ratio, it’s time to groom and clean up your brows. It may be tempting to use a magnifying mirror, but that can lead you to accidentally over-tweezing and plucking more hairs than you intend to. Instead, a traditional handheld mirror, like Araceli’s Clásico Mirror, will do the trick.

Our Clásico Mirror features standard magnification, which means no distortion, so you can confidently groom your brows. Lightweight, easy to hold, and ultra-sleek, the Clásico Mirror is a must-have for your vanity.

Tweeze underneath and between your brows to achieve your desired shape. If your brows need to be trimmed, brush brow hairs straight up and gently trim the uneven hairs with a tiny pair of sharp scissors. Araceli's Precision Duo includes tweezers AND scissors - the perfect eyebrow kit. 

Define & Fill
The final step to perfect brows is defining and filling using a brow pencil with a spoolie brush. Use a brow pencil to lightly stroke and fill in your brows in the direction of hair growth, then run the spoolie brush through your brows. Achieve gorgeous defined brows with Araceli Beauty's BEBE Brow Pencil! Our ultra-fine tip is perfect for shaping and filling in sparse brows. Our smudge-proof, waterproof formula glides on effortlessly and stays put so you can have beautiful brows all day long, Bebé! 

BONUS TIP: Swipe highlighter right below the arch, illuminating your brows and adding extra dimension. (Check out Araceli's Tequila Highlighters!)

How easy was that, Bebé?!